Redensification in the Context of Climate Change

Starting Point and Objectives

Cities are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. In order to strengthen the climate resilience of cities, a better and more systematic understanding of the effects of planning and construction processes on the climate in the city must be developed. Building redensification processes must be planned and implemented from a holistic, climate-sensitive and resource-saving perspective - which is why green space design, microclimate and life-cycle analyses and the use of materials must be integrated early on in the planning processes. Based on digital 3D city models, simulation and visualisation methods are developed that integrate these aspects. This should facilitate the evaluation of planning alternatives in municipal consideration processes. Planning options for public participation can also be better illustrated with the help of prototypically implemented 3D tools. The project developed with data from the City of Munich is to be transferable to other cities in Bavaria and Germany. It closes an important gap for planning, which until now has been lacking in such easy-to-use tools.