Currently running subprojects

Colorful Ribbons for our Cities in Times of Climate Change

The stable growth of many cities and the in­creasing amount of soil sealing in rural areas change the land­scape and the habi­tats of many animal and plant species. The project therefore studies the bio­diversity of urban green, it's esthetic and spatial plan­ning tasks and it's function of climate regulation. 


The research project aims to close existing knowlege gaps in relation to the climatic effect and growth conditions of trees in containers as well as to properly plant new trees in containers for use as a sustainable urban climatic effective measure.
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Climate Biomonitoring with Lichens in Bavaria

Lichens are communities of fungi and algae or cyanobacteria that settle on tree bark, rocks or on the ground. Due to their direct contact with the atmosphere, without a protective wax layer as in higher plants, they react extremely sensitively and relatively early to changes in temperature and humidity. With climate change, the diversity of the lichen population is therefore also changing, and several species are classified as climate change indicators.


Interactive guideline "Urban trees under climate change"

An online simulation module for estimating the growth and ecosystem services of the most common tree species in Bavarian cities.

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Asian tiger mosquito in cities: Foundations for urban climate adaptation measures and health prevention