About US - Structure of the ZSK

In order to effectively counteract changing environ­mental conditions, both the causes for climate change need to be reduced and emer­ging climate change effects res­ponded to in a preven­tive and inten­sive manner.

The ZSK brings together the topics of urban and land­scape plan­ning, archi­tecture, engineer­ing and ecology in seven sub­projects (six run­ning and one finished). The Centre aims to bring to­gether the wide range of skills in TUM’s natural science, social science and engineer­ing disci­plines as well as other Bavarian research insti­tutions for inter­disciplinary research approa­ches.

The ZSK is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of the Environ­ment and Consumer Protection (StMUV) and coor­dinated at the Technical University of Munich.

It is lead by Prof. Dr. S. Pauleit (Chair of Strate­gic Land­scape Plan­ning and Manage­ment) and Prof. Dr. T. Rötzer (Chair of Forest Growth and Yield Science).