Bachelor's and Master's Theses

Theses to the topic "urban trees"

The chairs for strategic landscape planning and management and the chair of forest growth and yield science of the Technical University of Munich cooperate on different research projects about the growth and eco­system services of urban trees to help local authorities in the development of their urban tree inven­tory.

We are offering currently the following topics for theses (Bachelor and Master) working on the tree inven­tory of the city of Moosburg a. d. Isar.

  • Comprehensive study of one or more common urban tree species at different sites
  • Ecosystem services of single trees, tree groups and alley trees
  • Research of logged trees
  • Analysis of the aboveground and belowground biomass of urban trees to calculate allometry co­efficients and comparison of methods to estimate root mass and root volumina of urban trees

For more information please contact PD Dr. Thomas Rötzer, Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit or Dr. Astrid Reischl.