News and Current Events

ZSK presents at the 3. Conference for Sustanability on 24.09.2019 in Fürth

Together with the Center for Sustainable Development of Municipalities in Bavaria the ZSK organizes the forum "Climate adaptation and green infrastructures in cities" at the 3. Conference of Sustainability on 24. September 2019 in Fürth. There will be talks and discussion with experts and representatives of the ZSK such as Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Regine Keller (subproject 4), Prof. Dr. Thomas Rötzer (subproject 3 and 6), Dr. Susanne Böll, Dr. Dieter Mahsberg (both subproject 5) and Dr. Astrid Reischl (coordination).


The homepage of the conference (in German):

The program of the conference (in German): Invitation and Program (2.1 Mb)

Talk by Dr. Susanne Böll at the Open House Day of the Bavarian Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture on 07.07.2019

Dr. Susanne Böll of subproject 5 "Preliminary Study: Non-Resident and Native Urban Tree Species" will give a talk on the topic "Insect diversity in the crowns of urban trees (in German)" at the Open House Day of the Bavarian Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture in Veitshöchheim on 07.07.2019. The programm can be downloaded here (in German, 0.8 Mb).



Talk by Dr. Astrid Reischl and Dr. Mohammad Rahman at the workshop "Irrigation in rural and urban areas"

On 02nd July 2019, Dr. Astrid Reischl and Dr. Mohammad Rahman gave a talk at the ad hoc-­Work­shop "Irri­gation in rural and urban areas - Be­­wässerung in länd­lichen und urbanen Räumen (in German)" of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study in Gar­ching. The topic of the talk was "Dealing with drought in urban areas - Um­gang mit Trocken­­­heit in urbanen Räumen (in German)" and results of sub­project 1 "Mitigation and Green Infrastructure" and 3 "City Trees II" were presented and discussed.



Radioreport of Prof. Heiko Paeth at BR

On 26.06.2019 Prof. Heiko Paeth of ZSK subproject 6 "Climate Experience Wuerzburg" talked about the research work and research in Wuerzburg. The report "Würzburger Forscher rechnet mit "Barcelona-Klima" im Maintal (in German)" can be found here.



Talk by Dr. Susanne Böll on 26.06.2019 at the seminar "Biodiversity in gardens - creation of habitats for animals"

Dr. Susanne Böll presented on 26th June 2019 in Veitshöchheim the results of ZSK subproject 5 "Pre­­liminary Study: Climate Adaptation in Bavarian Cities - Comparative Investigation on the Use of Non-Resident and Native Urban Tree Species". With her talk "Insect diversity in the crowns of urban trees (in German)" she illustrated the attendees of the seminar "Bio­diversity in gardens - creation of habitats for animals" the research of the subproject.



Talk by Dr. Astrid Reischl at the Munich Re Foundation

Dr. Astrid Reischl of the ZSK gave on 05.06.2019 a talk at the project week of students of the twoche von Studierenden der Friedrich-­­Alexander Universität Erlangen-­­Nürnberg on the topic "Mitigation and Adap­tation in the context of Climate Change". The topic of sustainable city planning in view of climate change including urban green and fauna attracted wide interest of the students.



Invitation to the architectural tour and panel discussion about the ecological model estate Prinz-Eugen-Park

The network Timber Technology Munich invites on May, 25th 2019 at 2.30 - 7.30 pm to the archi­tectural tour and panel dis­cussion on the eco­logical model estate Prinz-­Eugen-­Park in Munich. The event will take place at the elemen­tary school in the Ruth-­Dexel Street in 81925 Munich.

The program "Prinz-­Eugen-­Park. A ecological model estate is created" can be down­loaded here (1.6 Mb in German).

Talk by Prof. Keller of ZSK-subproject 4 at the Northeast-Panel

Poster zum Nordost-Forum zum Thema "Frische Luft! Öffentliches Grün für Mensch und Natur, Freizeit und Kreativität". Es ist ein Bild eines Stadtparks abgebildet, darunter sind weitere Informationen zum Datum, den Vortragenden und zum Inhalt der Veranstaltung.
(Poster: Nordost-Forum)

On 30 April 2019 Prof. Keller gave a talk at the Northeast-­Panel in Munich. The panel brings together politics, city in­habitants and research. Diverse topics about city develo­pment, urban green, bio­diversity and urban climate are discussed.



Successfull Workshop of Subproject 4 about the Topic "Esthetic of Urban Metabolisms"

On 11th and 12th April 2019 the subproject 4 of ZSK held a success­ful work­shop about the topic "esthetic of urban metabolisms". Several partici­pants of archi­tecture/­design, anthro­pology/­sociology, ecology/­biology, NGO's/­practice and authorities/­planning contri­buted to a diverse communi­cation and discussions.

Ein Detailbild von mehreren Personen eines Stuhlkreises, die sich Notizen machen.
Viele Personen bilden einen Stuhlkreis und eine Moderatorin steht in der Mitte.
Mehrere Personen arbeiten an Gestaltungsentwürfen.
Blick auf einen Gestaltungsentwurf.
Mehrere Personen um einen Tisch diskutieren.
Mehrere Personen sitzen um einen Tisch, auf dem mehrere Gestaltungsentwürfe liegen.
Images: Subproject 4

Results of subproject 5 "Preliminary Study: Non-resident and Native Urban Tree Species" published

Das Bild zeigt eine Biene an den Blüten einer Linde. Dies stellt das Titelbild der Veröffentlichung "Stadtklimabäume –geeignete Habitate für die urbane Insektenvielfalt?" von Dr. Susanne Böll, Rosa Albrecht und Dr. Dieter Mahsberg der Bayerischen Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau dar.
Image: LWG

The results of subproject 5 "Preliminary Study: Non-­resident and Native Urban Tree Species" has been re­leased at the web­page of the Bavarian Institute for Viti­culture and Horti­culture Veitshöch­heim. Here is the link to the page "Urban climate trees - suitable habit­ats for the urban insect diversity?" (in German).

The published article "Urban climate trees - suitable habitats for the urban insect diversity?" by Dr. Susanne Böll, Rosa Albrecht and Dr. Dieter Mahsberg re­leased by the Bavarian Institute for Viti­culture and Horti­culture kann be down­loaded here (in German):

- Stadt­klima­bäume – geeignete Habitate für die urbane Insekten­vielfalt? von Dr. Susanne Böll, Rosa Albrecht und Dr. Dieter Mahsberg (1.4 Mb)

The journal Natur also published results of the sub­project in its May edition with the article "New trees for the city" by Hartmut Netz. The link to the con­tent of the May edition of Natur - Habitat city can be found here.

Association of German Cities publishes guidline "Adaptation to climate change in cities"

The Association of German Cities has voted at the main panel on February 20th 2019 on the re­commen­dation "Adaptation to climate change in cities - Claims, notes and impulses".

The document can be down­loaded here (in German): "An­passung an den Klima­wandel in den Städten" (0.14 Mb)

Publication and Talk about the Results of Subproject 5

The Logo of the Dresdner Stadtbaumtage (Urban Tree Days Dresden))
Image: Dresdner StadtBaumtage

Dr. Susanne Böll of the Bavarian Institute for Viticulture and Hort­iculture Veits­höch­heim gave on 14th March 2019 at the Dresdner Stadt­Baum­tage (Urban Tree Days Dresden) a talk about the results of ZSK sub­project 5 Pre­liminary Study: Climate Adap­tation in Bavarian Cities - Comparative Investi­gation on the Use of Non-­Resident and Native Urban Tree Species.

The results of sub­project 5 were also published in the Forst­wissenschaftliche Bei­träge Tharadt, Beiheft 21 of the Univ­ersity Dres­den. The article "Insekten­vielfalt in den Kronen heimischer und nicht-­heimischer Stadt­baum­arten" by Susanne Böll, Rosa Albrech und Dieter Mahsberg can be found here (in German).

Insektenvielfalt in den Kronen heimischer und nicht-heimischer Stadtbaumarten (5 Mb).

Lecture by Dr. Susanne Böll at the 51. Landespflegetage

Dr. Susanne Böll attended the 51. Landes­pflege­tage in Veits­höch­heim from 22. to 23. January and gave a lecture on "Urban climate trees - Sui­table Habi­tats for Urban Insects?". Thereby she presented the work of the project "Urban Green 2021" and of the ZSK sub­project 5.



Press release of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation on Animal-Aided Design

In a press release on 16th January 2019 the German Federal Agency for Nature Conser­vation (BfN) reported about the ZSK sub­project 2 method Animal-­Aided Design (in German).

Animal-Aided Design in journal "NATURSCHUTZ und Landschaftsplanung"

The article "Grüne Infrastruktur: An der Praxis fehlt es - Die Land­schafts­planung könnte es" (no 51/01 - 2019, in German) of the journal Natur­schutz und Land­schafts­planung talks about the ZSK sub­project 2 Animal-A­ided Design.

Article about the research of TP4: 100Places:M and organized conference in Garten + Landschaft

In December an article (1 Mb) about the ZSK sub­project 4 100Places:M and their con­ference "Desig­ning Urban Natures-­Cultures" was re­leased in the journal Garten + Land­schaft.

Lecture from Dr. Dieter Mahsberg at the 8th Symposium for Urban Green

On the 14th of November Dr. Dieter Mahsberg (sub­project 5) gave a lecture at the 8th Symposium for Urban Green 2018 in Berlin, organized by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agri­culture. The lecture, entitled "Urban trees as habi­tat—are native trees more species rich?“ met with much interest from the audience.

Subproject 4 Conference on 11-12th October 2018 in Munich

The conference was organised by subproject 4 (100 Places:M) of the ZSK at the Weihen­stephaner Forum at the Tech­­nical Uni­versity of Munich. MDgtin Dr. Monika Kratzer from the Bava­rian State Ministry of the Environ­ment and Consumer Protec­tion provided opening remarks. Key notes from Prof. Undine Giseke (TU Berlin), Prof. Cordula Kropp (Uni Stutt­gart) and Silvia Gonzalez (Green­City e.V., München) along with podium dis­cussions with inter­disci­plinary re­searchers provided for exciting ex­changes. Videos and photos from the con­ference can be found at the following link Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space.

ZSK action week at the State Horticulture Show in Würzburg

The ZSK was from 29.09 to 07.10.2018 present at the action week of the State Horticulture Show in Würz­burg. The project leaders presented the work of the ZSK and anwered questions regarding the ZSK and its sub­projects.

The posters of the subprojects (in German) can be downloaded here:

ZSK Overview (30 mb)

Subproject 1 (55 mb)

Subproject 2 (33 mb)

Subproject 3 (33 mb)

Subproject 4 (11 mb)

Subproject 5 (21 mb)

Subproject 6 (12 mb)

Prof. Werner Lang at the Opening of the Bavarian Climate Week 2018

Bavarian State Minister of the Environment and Consumer Protection Dr. Marcel Huber will open the Bavarian Cli­mate Week 2018 this Satur­day, the 8th of September starting at 5pm. A podium discussion on urban ecolo­gy and climate adap­tation will follow, featuring the minister along with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang (sub­project 1: Miti­gation and Urban Green Infra­structure), Stephanie Jacobs (Head of Health and Environ­ment, City of Munich), and Manuel Schaumann (Director of the Street­life Festival). More infor­mation about the event as part of the Bavarian Climate Week 2018 can be found in person at the Street­life Festival on the 8th and 9th of Septem­ber or here.

Article about subproject 6 work in the Handelsblatt

An article came out on the 5th of September, 2018 in the Handels­blatt show­casing some of the work of sub­project 6 (Climate Experience Würz­burg). The article, entitled "Only more green can aid against urban heat stress" (trans. from German), can be found here.

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit at the State Garden Exhibition in Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit attended the event "The future is urban green! Perspectives for climate-­safe and green cities in the con­text of urban re­generation" at the State Garden Show in Würz­burg to give a lecture on "Climate protec­tion and green infra­structure in the city - strate­gies for climate-­safe and green cities." The event was orga­nized by the Institute for Urban Plan­ning and Housing in cooper­ation with bdla Bavaria.

Article about subproject 3 in the Münchner Merkur

An article appeared in the August 9th, 2018 edition of the Münchner Merkur highlighting some of the work of sub­project 3: City Trees II: Urban Trees under Climate Change. The article, entitled "Munich's Tropical Future" (Münchens tropische Zukunft) spoke to the dilemma the city faces with rapid growth and loss of trees in the face of climate change.

TV segment featuring subproject 6 (Climate Experience Würzburg) work on BR-Rundschau

A 2-minute long TV segment on summer heat waves, the consequences for urban trees, and the work of sub­project 6 was released on BR-Rundschau on the 5th of August, 2018.

Newspaper article about ZSK subproject 5 (Preliminary Study: Non-resident and Native Urban Tree Species") in the Main Post

An article about the work of TP5 (Preliminary Study: Climate Adaptation in Bavarian Cities - Comparative In­vesti­gation on the Use of Non-­Resident and Native Urban Tree Species) came out in the Main Post on the 28th of July 2018. (Article, 260 KB)

Interview with Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit on WDR

Subproject 1 and ZSK lead Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit was interviewed by Marcus Schwandner from WDR on the 4th of July, 2018 about "Healthy micro­climates - cities need green spaces". The interview can be found on WDR 5 „Quarks – Wissen­schaft und mehr“, under the themes „Land­flucht – Agora­phobie – Schmetter­linge – Stadt­klima“, between 48:53 and 54:41.

Collaboration meeting between colleagues from Switzerland and subproject 5

Vier Personen (Dr. Susanne Böll von TP5 und Dr. Sandra Gloor vom SWILD sowie Mitarbeiter) vor einem Informationsschild der Klimabaum-Allee

Employees of the Swiss SWILD (Office for Urban Ecology, Wildlife Research and Communication, Zurich) and Dr. Ing. Sandra Gloorn met with colleagues from sub­project 5 on the 25-26th of June, 2018 for a possible colla­boration. A comparative study is being planned.

Successful workshop: Presentation of subproject 5 results to specialists in various fields

Dr. Susanne Böll and Prof. Dr. Dieter Mahsberg (subproject 5) organized a workshop on the 22nd of June, 2018 at the LWG Veits­höch­heim around the theme "City trees as habitats- are native tree species " „Stadt­bäume als Lebens­raum –are native tree species more species-­rich than trees from south­east European urban climates?". There were 29 experts from various disciplines (lands­cape architects, apicultural experts, biologists, nursery managers and staff, green space administrators, nature conser­vation associations [BUND], consultants' offices, etc.). Interest in the results was high and a lively discussion took place.

Presentation from Dr. Susanne Böll at ANL Event

On Wednesday the 13th of June 2018, Dr. Susanne Böll (TP 5: Preliminary Study: Climate Adap­tation in Bavarian Cities - Compara­tive Investigation on the Use of Non-­Resident and Native Urban Tree Species) presen­ted results of the sub­project at a train­ing event of the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conser­vation and Land­scape Manage­ment (ANL). The title of the talk was “Project ‘City Green 2021’ – Test Sites, Bus Excursion”. The ANL event focused on “Gardens in a Time of Climate Change”, and was held at the Bavarian State Institute for Viti­culture and Horti­culture in Veits­höch­heim.

Press release in TUM News about subproject 1 guide

An article about TP 1's "Guidelines for climate-oriented municipalities in Bavaria” was pub­lished in the TUM News on the 12th of June, 2018. The article, entitled, "Urban planning: Green spaces for a better climate," can be found here.

Article about subproject 3 ("City Trees II") appears in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

On May 24th, an article appeared in the Süddeutsche Zeitung’s ‘München forscht’ series on the work of sub­project 3 - City Trees II: Urban Trees under Climate Change. The article, “Grüne Klima­anlage” (Green Air-­conditioner), provides insight into the re­search results, such as the special ability of Robinia (locust tree) to provide coo­ling effects.

Link to article

Press event in Würzburg to the launch of the homepage of subproject 6: Climate Experience Würzburg

Mehrere Personen stehen um die Bildschirmwand, welche für die Datenpräsentation installiert wurde.
(Image: City of Würzburg)

On 23rd of April 2018 in Würzburg representatives of the press, of sub­project 6: climate ex­perience Würz­burg, of the city of Würz­burg and of the Bavarian State Mininis­try of the Environ­ment and Consumer Protec­tion came together to present the launch of the web­site for the first time to the public.

The website of subproject 6 shows live the current data of the different research stations. Hereby data on the climate on Würz­burg at the different re­search stations and on the growth and eco­system services of the studied trees can be seen.

More information can be found at:

Klimaerlebnis Würzburg - wie ist das Klima am Hubland?

Klimaerlebnis Würzburg

Teilprojekt 6: Klimaerlebnis Würzburg

Successful opening of the state horticultural show Wuerzburg (12nd April to 07th October 2018) with ZSK subproject 6

On Thursday, 12th April 2018 the state horticultural show 2018 in Würz­burg was officially opened by Minister­-President Markus Söder. Present were also team members of the sub­project 6: climate ex­perience Wuer­zburg, to re­present the project and the ZSK. 

Members of the subproject 6 could explain the project "Climate Experience Würzburg" to Minister of the State Dr. Marcel Huber.

We are looking forward to a successful horticultural show!

More information are available under and

Image: Subproject 6
Image: Subproject 6
Image: Subproject 6
Image: Subproject 6
Image: State Horticulture Show Würzburg 2018

Subproject 2: AAD - Exhibition IngolStadtNatur

Ein Orthofoto der Stadt Ingolstadt mit der Donau besonders hervorgehoben.
Image: Subproject 2

As part of subproject 2: Animal Aided Design an ex­hibition and presen­tation will take place in Ingol­stadt, Archi­tektur­forum, Donau­straße 10. Topic of the exhi­bition will be "Ingol­Stadt­Natur - Animal-­Aided Design for the urban park Danube in Ingol­stadt". Designs of the students of the Uni­versity Kassel and the Tech­nical Uni­versity Munich will be displayed.

Opening: 02. March 2018, 5 pm

Opening times of the exhibition:

Fri. 02.03. 5-8 pm, Sat 03.03. and Sun 04.03. 2-6 pm

Fri. 09.03. 6-8 pm, Sat 10.03. and Sun 11.03. 2-6 pm

Fri. 16.03. 6-8 pm, Sat 17.03. and Sun 18.03. 2-6 pm

The project team would be pleased to welcome you at the exhibition!



Talk by Prof. Regine Keller "Designing Urban Natures"

On Wednesday, 31.01.2018 Prof. Regine Keller (subproject 4: 100Places:M) attended the event "Female Architects" in Frankfurt am Main and held a talk about the topic "Designing Urban Natures".