City Trees II - Urban Trees under Climate Change: Growth, Ecosystem Services and Perspectives

Urban trees are a key element of urban spaces. With the following research project conducted by the Chair for Forest Growth and Yield Science in co­operation with the Centre for Urban Ecology and Climate Adap­tation (ZSK), funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environ­ment and Consumer Protection, the growth of urban trees, their eco­system services and perspec­tives in a chang­ing climate was analyzed.

With an environment and climate sensitive growth model, the growth patterns of urban trees were simu­lated depending on the water and light availa­bility from young to high age. Eco­system services of common urban tree species were calculated under current condi­tions as well as under climate change.

The project was a continuation of the project CityTree I, where the growth, develop­ment and eco­system services of small-­leaved lime (Tilia cordata) and black locust (Robinia pseudo­acacia) in the cities München and Würz­burg were analyzed.

With the follow-up project CityTree II the number of tree species was enlarged by the species plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia) and horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) and alien tree species. Moreover, the studies were extended by measurements and subsequent analyses for the Bavarian cities Nürnberg, Bayreuth, Hof and Kempten to get more generalized evidences for the dependencies of growth patterns and ecosystem services of urban trees in Central Europe. Thus, practical advices for a sustainable management of urban trees can be delivered.