Based on two case studies it will be researched how well the method of AAD can be applied in planning practice and if the desired effectiveness can be achieved through implementation of the measures. With GEWOFAG Holding GmbH and the city of Ingolstadt two implementation partners were found, though the case studies are in different implementation phases.

This will allow us to test the AAD method within the framework of a 3-year project in different implementation phases. The densification project of the GEWOFAG in Munich is currently constructed on a former green space between apartment buildings and a kindergarden. The loss of green area normally implies a loss of habitat for the present animals. With the application of the AAD method, green areas and architecture will be adapted to further provide habitat for the affected species.

Within the framework of climate-friendly city development, the city of Ingolstadt plans to enhance the integration of the Danube in order to increase cultural and recreational opportunities as well as fresh air corridors and green infrastructure (GI) overall. Within the framework of AAD, a method will be developed to combine the optimization of human functions and enhancement of habitat functions and accessibility for animal species.