For the neighbouring flora-fauna-habitat area (FFH area) more than 3000 animal species were found. However, since the data source for the core area compared to the FFH area is relatively scant and incomplete, the Citizen-Science-Project "IngolStadtNatur" is currently being developed so that citizens can be integrated in the assessment of urban nature. Based on these species the species for the AAD application will be selected. Within the framework of this project, additionally a student project was successfully completed in 2017. The results of this student project will be published in a brochure soon.

For the densification project, species portraits were developed for the target species hedgehog, European green woodpecker, house sparrow and common pipistrelle bat and the green area planning as well as the building construction and the roof greenery will be adapted for these species. The research team will supervise the planning and construction progress and monitor the AAD applications continuously with the architects and landscape architects. Through regular species evaluations the status of the species will be examined. After finishing the construction process the presence of the species will be evaluated to test if the AAD applications had the desired success.